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Secular, Diverse and Progressive

Our goal is to establish a homeschooling support group, which offers a peaceful and pleasant environment conducive and inclusive to everyone, especially those who may not feel comfortable or welcomed in other social settings. Need not feel alone. This is a place where positive socialization and support can take place for the entire family regardless of differences.

This inclusive group is for all ages, homeschooling methods and will include families of many beliefs, nonbeliefs and lifestyles.

Our homeschool community will consist of a proselytizing/propaganda free atmosphere. Many families are not home educating for religious or political reasons. A secular environment can offer us the freedom to be ourselves and embrace our differences.

Some of us want our kids to be surrounded by real world diversity-- which includes all types of skin colors, languages, beliefs and ideas. We choose not to isolate our kids, nor do we want the only source of socialization and relationships that our kids experience to be solely with people who look, think, speak and act the same. To us, the differences we share as humans, is a clear representation of diversity.

Many of us are here for additional knowledge, support and possible friendship.

Feel free to respectfully believe or disbelieve; agree or disagree. Lets educate, elevate, stimulate and congregate in issues related to our combined choices to home teach our young.

Share what you want. Take what you need.  There will be online resources available for all homeschoolers.  

Difference is appreciated and celebrated. Hopefully we can learn, grow and evolve together.  Let there be social and global awareness, as we explore along with our children.

Happy Homeschooling!



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