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Social Gatherings
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Social Gatherings 

If you have any ideas or recommendations for Social & Educational opportunites for Homeschoolers, please email your suggestions.

For Park Days, we'll meet in the Los Angeles County area. Exact location will depend on geographic locations of community participants. Everyone can suggest a convenient park/beach. *Each Park Day will take place at different times and locations within Los Angeles County.

Ideas: what to bring for park days

Yourself, Your family (relatives and friends are welcome)



Board games

Bikes, Scooters, Skates, and Helmets

Balls, Bats, Gloves, Jump rope, etc.

Sand Boxes & other fun stuff

Entertainment: Books, Instruments, Art & Crafts

Notepad and pen/pencil

And more!!

Also, another idea would be to hire a professional clown or magician for some park days. Families can contribute financially for extra fun and entertainment during our park gatherings.

Anyone, who is familiar with this area, can assist.

See Calendar of Events to find out more.