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Sages' Journey
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Sages' Journey

September 2003

Well, we finally did it! September 8, 2003.  After years of challenges, trying to find a group that completely suits the needs of my family ~ with hesitation, I decided to start my own. Everything on this site is not exactly complete. But I wanted something immediate and useful for those of you who are seeking the same/or similar homeschooling resources, along with a supportive community. My intention with this site was to provide an additional warm and secure place where EVERYONE felt genuinely welcomed.

As participation grows, we plan to start our Social Gatherings: park days, field trips and other extracurricular activities in Southern California. Each gathering will be held at different times and locations within Los Angeles County. In the meantime, please browse the site, introduce yourself on the message boards or drop us a line. This is a support group for all of us. Please feel free to volunteer (time, expertise) or share (writings/ideas/etc.) with YOUR group. Comments and Suggestions are encouraged. This is something new for me, and I am open to hearing your positive thoughts.

Hopefully many of you can leave this site with something you can use, while you leave the rest behind.

I plan to share my musing with you when time permits. Hope you enjoyed this edition of Sages' Journey.

til Next time,


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